What is black hole ? Read about it here in an easy language

Noone has seen Black Hole till now but its real pictures have been revealed now. If you are not able to understand what is it then we are providing here some informations about it. 

What is black hole

New Delhi : We and you are able to see the picture of Supermassive Black Hole first time in human history. It is an great achievement in the scientific field. There are supercomputers, 8 telescopes at different places around the world,many researchers and a huge is number of data to accomplish this. The declaration of the  result of this project has been done in the press conference which is streaming in the whole world. It is called Event Horizon Telescope(EHT). If you don’t know what is Black Hole then we would like to tell you that a big mass which is present in a smaller space in the sky is called Black Hole.
    An astronomer of Paris LSL observative has told AFP that if we want to explain this in easy words then if the same thing happens with the Earth then the entire planet is absorbed in the water bottle lid.
The Sun will be then only about 6 km away  from the Earth with respect  to the diameter.
   According to ‘The Law of General Relativity’ which was published by Albert Einstein ‘The gravitational power of black hole is so much that if anything come closer to it then it can not be escape away from it’. In this, stars as well as electromagnetic waves are included. However,the thing is smaller or bigger it can not escape from it within the visible light.
    In other words or language Black Holes are invisible. The gravitation created by these can not be recreated in the laboratory. If it is done then it will consume the whole laboratory and the things surrounding the laboratory. Although due to the great effect of Black Hole, the scientists know very much about it.

There are two types of Black Hole :

There are two types of Black Hole

    The first type of Black Holes are created when the centre of any big star is destroyed by itself. Supernova is created by this process. It is about 20 times bigger than the Sun with respect to the power. The Supermassive Black Hole is about 10 lakhs time bigger than the Sun. Scientists have noticed that this kind of giants are available not only in our galaxy Milky way but also in all other big galaxies. The both of the Black Holes which were tracked by  Horizon Telescope were like this.
    -Sagittarius A*– Small Sag A* was found in about a distance of 26,000 light year from the Earth in the middle of the galaxy Milky way. Its mass is about 4.1 million which is similar to that of the Sun. Its diameter is same as that of between the earth and the Sun.
    The Second Black Hole is one of the biggest Black Holes. It is about 6 billion times bigger than the Sun and about 1500 times bigger than Sag A *. It is about a distance of 50 million light year from our planet. It is in the middle of galaxy M87.
    Although if the astronomers are not able to see the Black Hole yet  they are able to see what is happening near this or at Event Horizon Telescope. This is also known as ‘point of no return’.

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