This New Feature Associated With WhatsApp Notifications Will Help You

You will get a new feature soon in the Watts app by the name of instant messaging app.


The trial is still going on and you can read any message without it being seen. According to the report, this option will only be available to users in the notification tool. You can use this feature by going to your Notification panel. There is also an option for voice notifications, and by marking this option
  Can also be read. Along with this you can reply to anyone.
The second advantage of the new feature is that you will not be able to mess with the message notifications continuously. Because you know that you have to open the Whatsapp app to view messages all the time. This feature has come to your smartphone. If you want to use this feature, you can download the beta version. This can save you precious time.
Not only can the video call in the voice set, but now four users can make video calls simultaneously. According to the company, this is the end of the encryption feature. It is also updated for iOS and Android users. If you have not received this update, you can get the update using the App Store or Play Store. You no longer need to call different numbers.

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