These are the real survivor games except PUBG mobile, Download them free

 If you are bored with PUBG then we are telling you some options of games like this in the following post which are preferred by users like PUBG. 

New Delhi: If you are fond of Battle Royale Games and you see only PUBG as an option for you then we are going to tell you about some other options. These games can be played on PC,mobiles and as well as on consoles. Let us remind you that PUBG was released for android and iOS devices in February 2018. From then,till now there is no lack in interest in playing this game. 100M+ of this game have been downloaded on google play store. Do you know there are many games which run upon the same format as that of PUBG. If you want to play something else except PUBG then you must try these games.

Rules of survival :

Rules of survival

   This is RoS free multiplayer online battle royale game. It has been claimed that this game has been downloaded for more than 150M times. In this game, you jump an island of 8.8 km with 120 other players. In this you have to survive till end like PUBG.

Fortnite : This game is also included in the list of most popular games. If you have not played this game yet then we will recommend you to play this game. This game is perhaps more popular than PUBG in other countries except India. Although, teenagers will not like this game more. In this players are independent of making structures,driving cars and to construct or destroy building or objects. In Fortnite all the players survive together.

Black Survival : This is an action game in which you can choose your character. You have been dropped on an island. It contains 22 different areas like hospitals,forests etc. Black Survival is a real survivor game in which you have to survive between 10 representatives. You have to take decisions in a few seconds like Search,Craft,Attack and Run!
   Have an experience of playing these games and tell us about your experiences on these games.

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