The New EX Variant Model, Hyundai Creta, Whose Price You Will Go To Shock Yourself

Many types of Hyundai India Creta Compact SUVs have started many types. It is given above the base model. That is, this is a cheap model, which has some features that are used in the daily needs of consumers. Petrol Powder Hyundai Creta EX has been priced at Rs 10.84 lakh , the price of diesel-powered variables is 10.99 lakhs . Both gear boxes have been given the manual gear box.

Hyundai Creta

In EX situations, petrol engine is 1.6 liters, nutrient acid 4-cylindrical unit which produces 121Bhp power and 151Nm lift truck. Here’s the standard 6 gear manual gearbox, the same engine is also available in the Hiaryar Variant 6 Speed ​​Trans Converter automotive gear. In the Creta EX Trim, diesel engine is 1.4 liter unit, which produces 220 bits and 220 bits of stripe sticks. 6-speed manual gear box has also been given in diesel varieties. High Diesel has 6 high-speed manuals and automatic gearboxes.

Compared to E Variables, in the Creta EX situations, the special set-flood lamps and rear sets have been provided with adjustable head-rest, armrestist and integrated cup holders. In other words, the Creta EX cases have been given 5-inch touchscreen optimum system, steering mounted audio and phone control, two speakers, a USB charging point and reverse parking camera. This SVV has introduced BB Airbox, EBD, Speed ​​Alert and SetBet with BBS as standard security feature.

Hyundai Creta

Last year, the Patriot edition was removed, with some features like wireless charging, electric synchronization and smartbird, unlock lock, and unlock system. Next year, a new Creta
model will be launched, which will be very good in size. The Creta 7 seater will be pulled out in 2020 and it can be expected. The option of 1.5 liter petrol and diesel can be given.

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