Kapil Sharma Show Archana is getting half salary than that of Siddhu, she disclosed this fact in the show

After the disputed statement on the Pulwama attack, former cricketer and Congress leader Navjot Singh Siddhu was dropped out of Kapil Sharma’s show. He is replaced by Archana Puran Singh. Recently, Archana disclosed the fact that she is getting half payment  than that of Siddhu. She said this when she was asked a question in the show.

 Archana wants to live the life of  Siddhu  in  the  double  payment :

Kapil Sharma Show

  The star of Romeo Akbar Walter movie John Abraham and Mouni Roy reached in the show. Kapil asked the guests,”If you get the chance of changing your life with someone’s life then which person you will choose to live the life?” . Mouni Roy said on this that she will want to live the life of british actress Audrey Hepburn. John is very impressed by Kapil so he said that he would like to live the life of Kapil Sharma. When the same question was asked from Archana then she said immediately that she want to live the life of  Siddhu so that she can get the double payment.

How much payment is Archana getting :

  Archana is getting rupees 10 lakhs for each of the episodes. But Navjot Singh Siddhu was getting the double payment for the same. According to sources, Siddhu was given 20 lakhs a week.

What statement was given by Siddhu :

    Siddhu had given a clean chit to Pakistan on the Pulwama attack saying that due to few people the whole country can not be held guilty. He said that this was a coward act and i also against it but violence is always reprehensible. Each and every of the persons who did this must get punishment. Also Siddhu said that the dispute between the two countries can be solved only by discussion.

The makers removed Siddhu from the show under the pressure :


  Sidhu had to face a lot of opposition to this statement on social media. People were demanding to ban the show due to the presence of Siddhu. Social media users were appealing not to watch the show under #boycottTheKapilSharmaShow . When pressure came, the makers had to take a decision and Sidhu was discharged from the show.

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