IAF rejected US report,said,-We had killed Pak F-16 on February 27

Indian Air Force said on Thursday that they had killed Pakistani jet F-16 on February 27 during the air strike.
Indian Air Force stated that during air strike in Naushera Sector, Indian Air jet MIG-21 Bison killed a Pakistani jet F-16.

Actually a magazine named ‘Foreign Policy’ published this news on Thursday that by counting the numbers of F-16 crafts with Pakistan it has come to know that Pakistan have all the F-16 jets which oppose the claim of Indian Air Force in which they told that they had killed a Pakistani F-16 craft.
 Point to be noted is that after a terrorist attack on a CRPF camp in Pulwama on February 14,Indian Air Force dropped bombs on terrorist training camps in Balakot Pakistan . This camp was the biggest support for all the terrorist activities.
 After this action of India there was a clash between fighters of both the countries in which an F-16 aircraft of Pakistan was killed by Indian aircraft MIG-21.
 The attacks was performed on the terrorist camps  in the state Khaibar Pakhtunkhwah in Balakot Pakistan by the side of Indian Air Force.
Indian Air Force choose this place because it was supposed to be a big terrorist camp of Jash-E-Mohammad in Pakistan. It was assumed that all the terrorist activities takes place by this place. This was one of the main centres of terrorist camps. The terrorist spread the terror with the help of such camps in Pakistan.These camps contribute  the greatest supports in all terrorism activities.
This camp took the responsibility for the terrorist attack in Pulwama on February 14.
     A CRPF convoy was attacked on Jammu Srinagar highway in which 40 paramilitary forces were martyred.

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