Facebook, Messenger and Instagram will be closed in these smartphones from April,30

After the terrorist attacks in Christchurch in  New Zealand Social media company Facebook is preparing to ban certain grounds to go live on its platform.
    As we know very well that Facebook in one of the topmost apps now a days. But there is a shocking news.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram 

     The chief operating officer of social media company Sheryl Sandberg told on friday that the company is going to ban the thing that who can go live on Facebook. Although there will be some criterion for this. The company is taking this step after the terrorist attacks in New Zealand.
    Sandberg told in a post that the company will monitor that who can go live on Facebook. This will depend upon some factors like community guidelines. If you remember, on March 15, a shooter shot and killed 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    It is told in the blog that Facebook has find about 900 different videos in which parts of the 17-minute carnage have been shown and used their existing Artificial Intelligence tools to identify and remove hate groups in Australia and New Zealand.
   Last week,the giant social networking company said that it has removed about 1.5 million videos in the world, in which there were some footages of the environment in New Zealand within the 24 hours after the attacks.

   According to Reuters in the starting of this week, the leading group of Muslims in France said that they are registering a suit against Facebook and YouTube. The group accused Facebook and YouTube of inciting violence through video streaming.
  Facebook is the biggest social media company in this world. There are 2.7 billion users of Facebook. This social media company has been constantly targeting by the  people since the Cambridge Analyst Scandal for some reason. The company also has the ownership of two big platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram.

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