Do you want free Netflix for a year? Read about this offer

A one year free subscription of Netflix is going to provided by Vodafone Idea. For this,customers have to buy one of the smartphones among Samsung Galaxy S10,S10 plus and S10e.
  Who does not want free Netflix subscription? The craze of Netflix is at the top for sometime in India. That’s why the company is preparing to bring a cheap plan of rupees 250. At the current time, it has been testing and this will be only for mobiles.
     India’s telecom company Vodafone Idea has declared to provide free Netflix subscription to some of the users. This is a new offer under which Netflix has done a partnership with Samsung. If you are buying Samsung Galaxy S10,Galaxy S10 plus or Galaxy S10e then you can get the benefits of this plan.

free Netflix for a year

    If you buy any of these smartphones then you are able for this offer but there is a twist in it. If you buy these devices from any shop or e-commerce company then you will not get this offer. You have to shop from my Vodafone app or the website of Vodafone to take this offer.
  The point to be noted is that if you shop any smartphone from any telecom company then this means that you have to take the operators plan of that company. Like this, users have to buy Vodafone red postpaid plan with Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 plus or Galaxy S10e. According to Vodafone Idea you have to take a plan of minimum 499 rupees.

 Which plan of Netflix you will get free :

      According to Vodafone Idea the minimum value of Netflix subscription for a year is rupees 6,000. It means that the company will give the basic plan of Netflix whose cost is rupees 500 per month. This plan is not HD. It means you have to see SD (Standard Definition) videos in it. It can be viewed only at a single screen.

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