‘Daughter of India’ Uzma Ahmed who was rescued from Pakistan opened a Parlour, started a new inning

The foreign minister Sushma Swaraj called  Uzma Ahmed as daughter of India.
When she was 27 years old, she was abducted and was got married with Tahir Ali in Pakistan Buner village by feeding addictive pills and gun point. She was living like a prisoner in a remote area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

    She was successful in reaching the Indian High Commission in Pakistan and was brought back to India in 2017.She was trying to get out of the shock for two years. Now she has left his pain behind and opened her beauty parlour. She has opened a parlour in Seelampur, in the northeast of Delhi, under the name of her younger daughter’s Falak.

Uzma Ahmed as daughter of India

     This parlour was inaugurated on Wednesday. Her staff has two women who themselves are victims of physical violence. They said, ‘This is a small but important step for us.’ Uzma said,”My life had become troublesome due to spending my life  with the injuries of my  past. I have to move forward for my daughters. Now I will not look back.’

    Uzma’s life became hell when she loved Tahir Ali, a Pakistani citizen in Malaysia, and she went with him to Bunner in his village. We would like to tell you that  Uzma had described Pakistan as a death wreck. She had told that going to Pakistan is easy but it is very difficult to return from there.
    She had told that if she lived there for a few days, then she would have been killed or sold. After the marriage with deception, she was taken to Bunner.There are many girls, who do not know where they were brought from. Most men in Buner live in Malaysia. They keep the girls trapped there and then bring them a warehouse. Buner is a very dangerous area.

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