A 3 years old kid locked ipad for 48 years, sweated to unlock

You also had this experience that many times we fill a wrong password in our phone and then the phone is unlocked for a few seconds or minutes. If a phone becomes unlocked for 48 years then this is a shocking incident.
New Delhi : If there is a message in your smartphone or tablet that your device has been locked for 48 hours then this will hard to believe. There is an incident like this. A 3 years old kid has locked his father’s iPhone for 48 years. You also had the experience when many times you fill the wrong password and your device gets locked immediately for a few seconds or minutes. If a device is locked for 48 years then this is a shocking incident.

Unlock your ipad by DFU mode

 Actually, Evan Osnos from Washington DC has shared this information through his twitter account. His 3 years old son has locked his iPhone for 48 years unwillingly. After this he shared this news on his twitter account and this news became viral. About 12,000 persons have liked Evan Osnos and more than 3,000 people have retweeted it. Although the ipad was unlocked later. Evan Osnos gave this information in his another tweet.
  We would like to tell you that the devices of Apple are supposed to be very protective. In this case if your ipad is locked then you have to unlock it by DFU mode. To unlock by DFU mode you can follow the steps which are given below.

 Unlock your ipad by DFU mode using these steps :

To start DFU mode you have to connect your ipad your iPhone with Mac or PC.
It should be in mind that you are running iTunes in Mac or PC.
After this, you have to off your iPhone or ipad.
To switch off your iPhone or ipad you have to hold the power button for 3 seconds.
After this, hold the volume button and on-off button or power button together for 10 seconds.
After this,if you see the logo of Apple then you have to repeat the process.
After this, you will see the screen of plug into iTunes.
If the screen of your device remains black then it means that DFU mode has started in your device.
After the starting of DFU mode your device will be unlocked.

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